Scandal Season 3 Review “A Door Marked Exit”

Not cool, Scandal. Not cool at all! How dare you leave me this way. Several game-changing events happened, and I have a feeling the repercussions of some characters’ choices will be felt for a long while. This episode left me feeling so many different things that I’m having a difficult time organizing them into coherent thoughts. This could get a little long. You have been warned.

Team Pope was working overtime to find out exactly what Maya/Maria/Mama Pope had done so they could have her arrested as soon as she landed it Hong Kong. In doing so, they also finally got to the bottom of Operation Remington. Abby asked David for Maya’s FBI file, and they found that she wasn’t so much a terrorist as she was an opportunist. Ever since she was about 16 or so, Maya had been gathering and selling classified information to the highest bidder. Eli found out that’s what she was doing and that’s why he had her arrested the night she was trying to flee the country. That night Maya had told Eli that there was a bomb on the plane. That’s why he ordered it shot down. He found out later that Maya was lying about the bomb, but it was too late. The plane had already been shot down and all those people were already dead. I have a feeling that there’s more to it than that though. Maya had never done anything violent before and she wasn’t really associated with any terrorist organizations. So why would Eli believe that she had suddenly decided to blow up a plane with 300 innocent people in it? Furthermore, why would he believe that she would blow up a plane with herself on it? It doesn’t make any sense. I get the feeling that Operation Remington is somehow going to pop up again.



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