Grimm Season 3 Review “Cold Blooded”

Last night’s Grimm was not a 2-hour episode, but rather two 1-hour episodes aired back to back. So, I’m splitting up my review to address each separately. Up first was a creature feature that brought new meaning to the alligator in the sewer urban legend.

After a spate of home invasion murders, Hank and Nick are on the trail of the killer. The nature of the wounds tips them off that they are not dealing with a human. They get a lucky break when a sewer worker is murdered. They rush to the scene of the crime and determine that there is something hiding out in the tunnels. Wu provides some fantastic comic relief once they descend into the tunnels. I like the way his character is incorporated with the group. He’s still ignorant about Wesen, which is a good contrast to Hank, Renard, and Nick. Beyond that, he is jaded in a sarcastic kind of way that can lighten up the horrifying.



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