Atlantis (BBC America) Review “Twist of Fate”

After two weeks of building momentum, Atlantis delivered a dud of an episode that felt like Three Men and a Baby, Greek mythology style for most of its run. There was entirely too much reliance on trying to put a clever twist on a classic myth to make the slapstick, filler episode carry any real weight. Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras find a baby abandoned in the woods early in the episode, and it quickly because apparent to us the viewers–although not to Jason and company–that the adorable moppet is actually Oedipus, the boy destined to grow up to kill his father and marry his mother.

Since we have Jason, a man who grew up in the real world and knows these stories, it would have been nice to see him assess the moral quandary of allowing Oedipus to live to fulfill a fate that would ultimately drive him to gouge his own eyes out in penance. This is in addition to the pain it would cause Jocasta, the baby’s mother. However, the episode saves the reveal until the final moments, so that Jason can do no more than give a worried look as he watches the innocent child take his first step toward fulfilling his fate.



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