Homeland Season 3 Review “The Star”

For most of its third season, Homeland pointed us in an obvious direction: the death of Nicholas Brody. It was a foregone conclusion. He should have gone last year at the latest, and maybe the end of season one at the earliest. Nonetheless, it had to be clear to even the most stability-craved Showtime executive that it was time for Brody to die. Even for a show growing increasingly more ludicrous, the narrative gymnastics required to allow Nicholas Brody to still exist was impossible. By moving his assassination of Akbari into the penultimate episode, the show’s only significant goal for the third season finale was to bring Brody’s story to a close. Nothing else needed to happen. After everything that has occurred on the show, Brody’s death still would pack an emotional wallop. Granted, it would have made a bigger dent a season ago, but Damian Lewis is a tremendous actor, so his departure from the show was going to be worth something. It’s just a shame we had to suffer through some moreHomeland logistical clusterfudgery to get us there.




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