Fresh Meat Series 3 Episode 7 (Channel 4) Review

We’re finally getting somewhere with the third series of Fresh Meat, with this seventh episode bringing us back to some of the anarchic joy that the first two years of the show had in spades. JP is going off the rails, Kingsley and Josie are back on even footing when it comes to ruining their relationship, and Howard’s finally getting something to do. This doesn’t quite erase the feeling of disappointment that has accompanied the rest of the series, but it comes quite close.

Most of the action comes from the birthday party Candice decides to throw for Howard, the party Howard throws for himself in protest and the pretentious garden party that Oregon throws to promote her campaign for student president. The best episodes of Fresh Meat are the ones that bring everyone together, often in the house, and this is a prime example of what can happen in a single-location episode of a show with such a strong ensemble cast.



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