'Haven' Season 4 finale: The end of William in 'The Lighthouse'

"Haven" may have seen the last of a woman named Audrey Parker in "The Lighthouse." After four seasons and as many identities, the woman who reappears in Haven to help with the Troubles is gone.In her place, we have Maura. This is not the most helpful replacement, as far as Nathan, Duke and the rest of Haven are concerned. But oh, Season 5 is certain to be fun!Meet MauraWith the Season 4 finale, "Haven" answers one of its biggest, longest-running questions: Who is Audrey Parker? The answer seems to be an evil witch (literally) named Maura. Via a limited number of flashbacks, we learn a few things about this unpleasant young woman.1. Maura and William really were in love -- the bad man wasn't lying about that.2. They liked to swim (presumably naked) together.3. Whatever era -- and/or world -- the two date from, medieval-style costumes, cloaks and swords were the standard. Basically, it...



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