'24' 6:00-8:00 a.m. Review: President Hassan knocks out Jack and becomes the hero of the show

President Hassan proved once again that he really believes in the ideals that he preaches. Real-life politicians talk a lot of idealistic bullshit about peace and hope, but how many of them would willingly sacrifice themselves for the lives of another country's citizens? Hassan had every reason not to surrender to the terrorists. His wife and daughter were begging him not to go. Jack would have dragged him to safety, kicking and screaming. Basically everyone was telling him how important his life was - the freakin' U.S. President felt that his survival was worth more than the lives of 58,000 Americans! And with every excuse in the world not to, he still felt compelled to konk Jack over the head and run off to surrender to his mortal enemies. That's what I call noble.

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