Homeland Season Three Finale Brings In Huge Ratings

Man, Homeland had a heck of a season closer, huh? It’s a good thing, too, because season two was so inconsistent with the rest of the show. But man, that Homeland season three finale was a doozy. We wont spoil the details here if it is something you have not gotten a chance to see yet, but it was Game of Thrones levels of shocking. Well, we know we are not the only ones who had a jaws hitting the floor during the finale, as it brought in some massive ratings for Showtime.

A total of 2.9 million people watched the Homeland season three finale. Heck, we even know a good number of those people immediately took to Twitter to air their outrage about the episode. Again, no spoilers, but it was some pretty heavy TV. We cannot help but feel that this is what Homeland needed after a lackluster season two. Yes, maybe the Homeland season three finale messed some people up with its major twist, but shouldn’t the best and bravest shows always do that? Shouldn’t they unsettle us as much as they move us? After all, that is what life does.




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