Homeland 3.12 “The Star” Review: Hanging On and Letting Go

Wow. That’s what I was left saying after last night’s season finale ofHomeland. While season three of Homeland has suffered from uneven pacing and questionable focus on certain characters or plotlines, its finale, “The Star,” was pretty perfect, and combined with the four episodes that preceded it, this finale essentially made up for whatever meandering was going on earlier inHomeland’s third season.

The main reason why Homeland has been working over the past few weeks (and especially during “The Star”) is because of the series’ ability to provide emotionally authentic and satisfying moments, even if the circumstances and situations that yield these moments require some form of questioning or suspension of disbelief. Last night, in each scene that Damian Lewis and Claire Danes shared, in each conversation that Carrie and Brody had, in each last moment we got to spend with Brody before he met his unfortunate but inevitable demise, Homeland worked incredibly well. I never questioned how feasible it would be for Brody to slip by Akbari’s men or whether Lockhart would still want Carrie to be a major player in the CIA after all that’s happened this season because moments like Carrie and Brody’s phone call, where she begged him to stay on the line for just a few more seconds so she could hear him breathe, or when, at the episode’s conclusion, Carrie drew her own star for Brody on the CIA’s memorial wall, were so emotionally honest and powerful that they almost brought tears to my eyes.




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