Grey’s Anatomy 10.12 Review: “Get Up, Stand Up”

No new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy until February means we get a shocker of a cliffhanger and a whole lot of brutal honestly. And boy, was it ever brutal. Ross officially loses his stinking mind, Arizona breaks down, Meredith and Christina continue their battle, and Derek continues to be made of gold. All this, and we learn a very valuable lesson that most people should know already!

Most medical dramas stretch some of the actual medicine pretty far. They’ll take from headlines some new and exciting advancement (3D printing!) and just take off from there into the wild blue abyss of magic. But let me hit on that valuable lesson real quick, and then I’ll get off my soap box. If someone has taken a fall and hurt their neck or back, even if they are moving, call an ambulance. Tell them to be still, and don’t move them. The spine is a weird thing, and sometimes it doesn’t yet know that it’s been injured and you’ll still have full function. Then you’ll take one wrong move and it’s all over.



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