Agents of SHIELD 1.10 Review: ”The Bridge”

This first half of the season for the new ABC drama has been  interesting, with its share of ups and downs. There were a lot of things packed in this episode with several returning characters from previous episodes, as well as the Centipede group. So did “The Bridge” live up to the big expectations for part 1 of this 2-parter? The best way to sum it up is with a simple yes, but there were a few flaws for sure.

The biggest highlight of this episode was without doubt the return of Mike Peterson, played by the outstanding J. August Richards. He was such a joy to watch throughout the whole episode whether it was a comedic scene with Simmons or a dramatic scene when he had to give up Coulson to the enemies in exchange for his son. A really nice pay-off was to find out where he had been this whole time since the pilot and that it was thanks to the Night-Night gun that he had been stabilized.



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