'Homeland' Season 3 finale 'The Star' recap: Brody is a hero

"Homeland" Season 3 proved that even in victory there is much to be lost. Everyone lost on this show in the Season 3 finale, "The Star," even though there were some big wins. Saul's attempt to make Iran more open to the rest of the world by assassinating Akbari and putting Javadi in charge actually worked. But in the process, Lockhart ousted him from the CIA and he lost his job. Then there's Carrie, who lost her hope of a happy ending and now needs to raise a child alone. And Brody finally, after surviving for seasons against all odds, lost his life. But the victories that were achieved in Season 3, no matter how bittersweet, were true victories. As Mira told Saul at the end of the episode, he accomplished his lifelong dream in the Javadi play, despite not maintaining his status at the CIA or getting recognition for the act. Carrie continued to...



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Jan 12, 2014 7:14PM EST

This Season Final as shown me (and probably many of the watchers as well) that Carrie is not written very well by the spineless authors of this show. Why do I say this? If you had to watch the person you love get hanged (slowly) because the agency you worked for sold you out, would you REALLY go back and work for them??? They have humiliated you more than once and now take away the most important person in your life.ANY HUMAN BEING -no matter WHERE they work- would tell that employer to go to hell. ESPECIALLY if there is a child involved. Anyone who begs to differ is full of crap or just doesn't have a soul-or both. So, sorry folks but this show has gotten worse since season 2. The writers tell a story about people that don't even act like people. Or are they too afraid of what the REAL CIA would say? Is there not one writer in the world who will actually let actors be REAL? Anyway, this last episode has proven there are no writers out there (and no directors) with the balls to let humans be human.So if there is a season 4, then I will go back to watching cartoons with my little niece. Those characters at least act more human than the people in Homeland.

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