'How I Met Your Mother': 'Bass Player Wanted' is how Marshall meets the Mother

The final "How I Met Your Mother" of 2013 delivered an early present for fans: a heavy dose of the Mother -- this time paired up with Marshall -- and the at-long-last reuniting of the core cast.Throw in the Devil Darren (a well-used Andrew Rannells) and his emotional fire-bombing -- through him, we get some airing-out of previously held secrets -- plus the promise of the fourth slap to start 2014, and you have one of the stronger episodes of this final season to date. Funny how just about all of them have involved the Mother, innit? Darren, it turns out, is the singer in the Mother's band, and through his awfulness has been slowly taking control of it from the Mother, going so far as to place an ad for a new bass player for the band she started. She relates her tale after stealing his van and picking up Marshall* and Marvin on...



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