'Hostages' Season 1, episode 13: 'Fight of Flight' leaves everyone grounded

FBI Agent Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott) cannot catch a break.Sure, you may have little sympathy for him, given that he's taken a family hostage, and has shot and beaten up people. But he did it all for love, and in Monday's (Dec. 16) episode of "Hostages," he seems to lose even that.By the end of the episode, his terminally ill wife, Nina (Francie Swift), has run away, with their little girl in tow. Nina's forthright and canny. She calls Duncan from the train station, which may be the episode's biggest surprise -- she finds a working public phone -- so he will hear the train announcements. Nina knows her husband will follow her there.Instead she heads to an airport. Just as Nina and Sawyer are boarding the plane, the evil Co. Blair (Brian White) pulls her off the line.The colonel is a smooth operator, angling to be president and one of the cabal in on...



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