'Ravenswood' 'Revival': More Mrs. Grunwald and a murderous scarecrow

We've seen the first episode from when "Ravenswood" returns for the back-half of Season 1 and it's a doozy -- in fact, we liked it better than the "Pretty Little Liars" return episode, but shhhh, don't tell the Liars. Here are a few spoilery tidbits for "Revival."The season comes back with a very spooky episode. Hope you're not afraid of scarecrows. For those of you wishing there was more Mrs. Grunwald (Meg Foster) in the first half of the season, you're in luck. She features heavily in "Revival" and it is glorious. Can't have enough of Grunwald, we say.Remy's sleep disorder is a big focus of the episode as well, leading the kids to a few answers about the origin of the curse. But also more questions. Because that's how these shows roll.We do get to see original Caleb and Miranda again, which is a lot of fun, plus we meet original Miranda's mom and...



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