The Sing-Off Recap: Aggressive Irritation

Hey, did you want to see a pretty young white woman in a glittering minidress tell you through a beaming pageant smile that she hopes she dies before she gets old? Well, tonight’s The Sing-Off has you covered. The theme of this episode is “My Generation,” (which means chart toppers that span the decades [which means nothing]), so we start off with a great big group rendition of the classic Who song (which makes me want to die before I get old [which I’m already a couple of decades too late for, so instead I’ll just drink my weight in bourbon and hope for the best]).


Tonight, Ben Folds is the guest mentor, as the groups struggle to fit their unique, sassy brands into songs that … are not unpopular? (What does this theme even mean?) The kinda effeminate big dude in Vocal Rush says, “Ben Folds is gonna … help us out and give us … his … opinion … on what we should do to help us out … and so … thank goodness,” and it’s as succinct and accurate a description of the judges’ jobs as I’ve heard so far. As Shawn did in the last episode, Ben mingles, gives vague advice, and barely scratches the surface of what he can bring to the process. The judges-as-team-leader trope has been beaten into the ground by now, but these judges — who, uniquely in a crowded field, actually know what they’re talking about — need to be given specific tasks. Don't give me a Ben Folds, a Jewel, and a Shawn Stockman, and then sit them behind a table. Tables are for Paula Abduls. Get these people involved!  Read More...


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