Space Brothers Episode #63 Anime Review

The training side of the series is still dominant here, though there is still a lot going on with some of the subplots, but the real fun is watching what Mutta and the others are going through. The latest part of their training, having done well overall with their previous segments, is to get ready to learn to fly within a fighter plane. The problem that the group has, and its focus on Mutta is priceless, is that they have three days to learn what air force pilots get three weeks to learn. They get a crash course in learning the technical side of flying one of the planes by going through all the manuals and understanding what’s at hand, something that the instructors take a bit of glee over. It is like they say though in that there’s so much information it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant in how little of it will actually sink in. But it’s seeing what sinks in and how it can give them the survival skills they need and build on from there.



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