Space Brothers Episode #65 Anime Review

Having explored some of the issues leaeing up to the discovery that Sharon has ALS, we’ve gotten some decent material showing us how she was coping with it and the way Serika approached her about her. The material involving Serika worked better than I expected in being able to give her a connection to things that in a strange way can bring her and Mutta closer together, though it may cause some distance first since she brought the whole thing to light for Sharon with the truth of it. For Serika, we got to see more of the pains he suffered and her background, whcih helped to flesh her out, sadly at the expense of another, but it also worked to reinforce the strength of character not only of her but of Sharon as well. Mutta may be struggling with it, as we see here, but Sharon continues to try and live her life as best as she can, to not give up on what she’s working towards and being a part of.



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