Space Brothers Episode #70 Anime Review

As we barreled rather quickly into the graduation side of the series, Mutta now finds himself with the offer of working as a backup member crew now that he’s officially an astronaut rather than an astronaut candidate. With the JAXA team having all passed and moved on, now able to call themselves astronauts and to be a part of the larger history of the organization, there’s a lot of pride going on with them that’s entirely warranted. Still, with Mutta getting his bit of a dressing down at first, it was really fun to see how he was twisted around into the position he’s now been offered since it means a much quicker way for him to advance and to catch up to his brother. The shock and surprise was great to see and understanding how much meaning it has to him, especially because of those that have impacted his life, just makes it all the better.



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