Space Brothers Episode #80 Anime Review

Hibito’s experiences in Russia have certainly been positive in some regards, but he’s definitely found himself in that difficult position of truly realizing that it’s all up to him to fix things. With him having been recalled to Houston at this point, and being set for a retirement position as a Safety Supervisor, he knows there’s little left for him to do beyond just fixing it when he gets there. At the same time, we start to get back on track a bit with Mutta and what’s going on with him and his project, which has definitely gone very well as they’ve found a way to increase safety on the rover while doing it in a hugely affordable way. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved and it’s given Mutta the in he needed to get further in his own dream of going to the moon, which is now even closer than ever as he’s being pulled from the rover project to begin his training proper. His surprise is welcome and you find yourself grinning broadly to see it going like that for him.



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