Space Brothers Episode #81 Anime Review

The relationship between the brothers is one that can definitely be fun to watch since each has their own very different personalities and interact in ways that can throw the other off. Mutta’s questions about his time in Russia definitely get under his skin in an embarrassing way when it comes to dealing with Olga and who she really is, and that’s on top of Hibito’s own unease about his new assignment as a safety supervisor. Mutta’s able to see some of what’s going on, but you have to feel for him in a way because he’s so excited about his new assignment with the NEEMO training that has him working with a few old friends and several new people. It’s the start of his training that will put him firmly on the path to going to the moon and catching up to Hibito. But that has him not really seeing that Hibito’s journey may have come to an end because of his fears that he has yet to conquer.



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