Very cliche at the ending! My arm was already in the air (mimicking) Nathen's/Sylar's arm before it came out of the ground! But I did not see coming was when he was Sylar! But I love Hiro's mission when the accountant kept on coping pictures of his butt! But it was sad at the end of Hiro's story when his sister found out! Claire and Peter are still my favorite even though they were hardly in this episode! But I'm glad Tracy stood up for herself and walked away instead walking into that as*hole's bed, I was very proud of that and I have a newfound respect for her. Very good episode over all!!!!


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Oct 9, 2009 2:22AM EDT

Heroes sucks... I hate saying that.... I was such a huge fan but it seems they have fallen way to far off the wagon to be any good :(
I say give the script to some undergrads and let them run with it, at least then we'd have some new material. I watch every episode in spite, knowing I'm going to feel uncomfortable with every scene. I wish they could find a grove but lately I've come to release it's not going to happen :(
Good show gone bad.

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