"Oh No He Didn't!!" -'You'll Be the Death of Me...' The Journey here, and Beyond...

It has been a helluva ride! Amazing... This show is... The premise with its raw setting and special take on humor; well-defined characters with their perfect casting and dysfunctional, but deeply sweet relationships, makes my blood effervesce and my face twitch-smile. This show is a gem i can't admire enough.

I will simply state and speculate on the many loose threads left out to snag our hearts during the finale episode as we wait for THE SUMMER SEASON 2 PREMIERE. Jeesh, it'll feel longer than waiting for summer vacation...

Jason, with his sudden random and ridiculous religious hysteria. He doesn't fanatically hate vamps, especially after having gotten close to Eddie, so what's the point of his Fellowship of the Sun membership?

Arlene and Terry - hinted-at future romance.

Jessica looking like a goth tramp- a result of her continued transformation, which was initially surprising anyway from her first appearance being 'victim personified' (a performance which would have stirred pity in even the coldest heart, but these are vampires...). Exactly what pot-stirring will she create?

(thought yall might want to see him again. Hmmhmm!) Mehcad Brooks plays the character Eggs- extremely sexy and charming, and what that means for our lovelorn Tara, who now somehow has a mysterious radiance... He better be a regular next season! It'll help Sam realize Tara's worth a competition! (Rutina was hot in that swimsuit, and anybody else not like Anna Paquin's teeth?)

Lafayette- was it he that Bill fed upon? Now that I think of it, were the 2 every really introduced? Bill must have been aware of Lafayette's connection to Tara, and therefore Sookie. Bill should've known better. How she gonna feel when she finds out he drained a friend, of all the people in town? But then she wasn't too concerned when he told her he needed to feed to heal, and they were busy embracing in the relief of each other's well-being.

Sam, and that stashed secret fortune of his. He did flip out at Arlene's engagement suggestion for Bill and Sookie. Was he upset enough that "Bookie" is back on that he would skip town? His lack of identification and financial past (which is funny because of ALL OF THAT MONEY- he did seem kind of dodgy when it came to explaining the exorcism fund, guess now we know where he's pulling from...) border on lack of American citizenship, so what is he doing? Will Tara be there for him, or has she had enough of waiting for him to finally give up on Sookie. She is every bit as special, but I fear Sookie's last loving insight into his true nature has him attached all over again. And they say dogs are loyal...

And for that matter, will Sam be there for Tara, to save her from his suspicious past acquaintance Maryann? What is her deal anyway, with the pig and the spurt vibrating? She seems to be (and this is a jump 'over the Grand Canyon' conclusion), some sort of animal witch, and she was pursuing Sam, who can become any beast. How is this contributing to her apparently vast wealth, and what is she really trying to offer the now hopeful Tara and the other take-ins. I think some major lore is going to be presented in regards to this, and some mythically fantastic showdowns!

And last, but by no means least, and by no means I mean- never mind; that foot! Whose leg and foot is that that flailed out of Andy's car! Then in a drunken self-pitying depression, after exhausting his jealousy-inspired personal vendetta against Jason, we find along with Andy, Sook and Tara, another dead body! Is it a new, but already dead character? By the skin color, the person looked to be afric- OMFG!!! I JUST REALIZED IT'S LAFAYETTE! I remember him painting his toenails that color red at the bar when he was watching the Senate campaign speech! The



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Nov 24, 2008 7:55AM EST

-lighting outside the bar made his skin look lighter. Please don't be dead! The town needs your sassy common sense, and so do we!
And with all that said, comment on whatever. Let the discussions, and torturous wait for summer begin! (Had to finish the review as a comment, thanks to sidereel's too finite submission space.)

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Nov 24, 2008 9:43AM EST

yes this episode created a lor of turmoil in my little head! I quite had a thing for Lafayette! Jason redemption is kind of crazy but the guy is looking for the right thing to do. I guess the quite seductive speech the guy of the Fellowship of the sun played for him once he was in jail attracted him, everybody would like to be a hero.Concerning Bill and his meal I dont think that he would have threaten the peace of the community by feeding himself out of a human being, Lafayette put himself in quite dangerous commercial illegal activities by selling V, he also was mean with a group of racist rednecks once at Merlotte's. It can be anybody, plus Eric, her groupie ad jessica were in town too.Guess that Jessica will be some serious threat to Bill and Sookie romance, if Sookie does need any further proof to Bill's love after the sacrifice he made, than Bill would rather bite me then!!!!I can't wait for season 2, and by the way Iclabon, your analysis was pretty good except I just hope taht Bill did not kill Lafayette, he used to feed on bad people!

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Nov 24, 2008 1:00PM EST

a mini novel analysis of a novel

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Nov 24, 2008 1:01PM EST

The way Lafayette jumped on the trash dumpster, it seemed like he was trying to get away from an animal / beast. I would say it was a werewolf or another animal of the same sort.

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Nov 24, 2008 2:12PM EST

I agree. I think that it was an animal. He seemed surprised and by the way he jumped up on the trash seemed like he was trying to get away from said animal.
I dont think we should jump to conclusions. Maybe I am too much of an optimist but he may just be passed out or knocked unconcious. If he had been killed then what is the point of keeping his body and then one night (2 weeks later) putting his dead body in a car? I think whoever took him knocked him unconcious and stuck him in the back of the detective's car. This ensures he will be found (another suspcious fact - would a killer really turn in evidence by sticking his body in a detective's car?) and it would look like he simply borrowed the car, drove around, and then passed out in it. It might be a cover up. The moved car was staged so he would wake up not knowing what has happened or why??
Another note - If LaFayette is dead then why was he gone for weeks and why did the car need to be borrowed?

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Nov 24, 2008 2:16PM EST

All --you may get a general idea of what will happen if you read Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, written by Charlaine Harris. Alan Ball, the producer of TB, had pretty faithfully followed a lot of the story in book 1. Looks like in episode 12 he's started to bridge the action with that of Book 2.
Ain't Bill hot? When I read Bill's (Charlaine's) dialog in the books, I hear Steve Compton's voice, cadance and accent.
Sigh...it's gonna be a long 6 months and who knows what will happen if the SAG goes on strike --not gonna think about it!

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Nov 24, 2008 2:45PM EST

laFayette better not be dead. i hope the director purposely misled us into thinking it was bill who killed him. however, i can't think of anyone else who could have been in the car at the end of the episode. i'd rather LaFayette become a vampire than die, he was the coolest black guy ever.

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Nov 25, 2008 6:36PM EST

I can't say for sure it was bill who killed lafayette because remember , Rene's body was left close to where they buried bill in the graveyard.I am peeved that they took out lafayette though.. And for tara, it wasn't like she realized how great a guy sam was.. IT seemed like she used him because she needed someone to be there for her, the same way sam did at first, but sam had authentic feelings for her. I do agree with the fact , that sam is going to have to decide at some point if he's going to walk away from pursuing sookie for good or if it's tara that he really wants. Sookie pissed me off with her response over sam and tara..typical girl bullshit, where a guy spends all of his time and effort pursuing her only to have her act like she just wants to be friends. ANd he finally takes notice in someone else and all of sudden she starts considering him as something more and becomes a little jealous...

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