'Awkward' Season 3b finale: Jenna finally becomes the best version of herself

It took the entire second half of Season 3, but Jenna finally became the best version of herself in the "Awkward" season finale on Tuesday (Dec. 17). Actually, it could be argued that it took three full seasons for her to reach this point, since her journey to becoming a good friend -- and a better person -- all began with The Letter.It was great to see a callback to the incident that started it all way back in the pilot, when Jenna received the carefrontation letter from an anonymous source. When she later found out the cruel letter came from her mother, that kickstarted the rebuilding of Jenna's relationship with her mother that culminated in the Season 3b finale. Jenna and Lacey had been working on their mother/daughter bond ever since Jenna asked her about The Letter, and though Jenna's recent "sanity sabbatical" halted all they had achieved, they both forgave each other's...



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