MUST READ: It's up to "To Love is to Bury..." Thoughts on Tara, and the Killer

OK... So after seven excruciating days of fingernail biting, snapping at people, and the anticipating speculative giggle fits, FINALLY!

Tara is certainly my favorite character because of all her dynamic, from her almost completely imagined creation by Alan Ball (meaning he has brilliantly brought her to the forefront as a troubled but strong black woman from the mere mentioning of her in the books), to her scripting, and portrayal by the amazingly talented and beautiful Rutina. She is such a big presence, and a breath of fresh air from the whiny, uninsightful Sookie (I swear we all hate someone like her in our own lives...), and the now dead (praise him) psychopathic Annie. Alan is adding her extra story to the already loosely based structure of True Blood's canon in comparison to the novels, and for the reasons, I KNOW he is working something big and unique for her. Otherwise, why would she be there?

Back to the show, anyone notice that the woman, MaryAnne, that bailed her out was the same woman in the street that Tara avoided hitting? She also made mention to her "wild" state, like how she was in the road with the pig when she said "I like to get dirty sometimes..." to Tara when they were getting in her convertible. Something to think about... Is this woman supernatural? She says she likes to help people in Tara's position (in jail, the jailers know her), and they are always passing through with her. What happens to these people? Does that mean Tara is in danger from her? Or does she think Tara is special and has something else planned? Maybe a recruitment of some sort. Tara has only brushed with a demon that wasn't even real so far, and it was gripping. Will her next encounter be real, and have a permanent effect on her? For me, I would love to see her gain something for herself from this experience, like a claim, or a power. Of the main characters, everyone has something supernatural about them, except her and Jason. And even Jason's humanity is called into question after a certain event in the books, so maybe in the show. In regards to her love life, Sam admitted to Sookie he might love Tara, but of course, his bordering on irrational feelings for Sookie are in the way. He seems to covet Sookie just for her body and vulnerability, so maybe his dog nature is too much a factor in his personality. I am a Sam/Tara fan, and am rooting for them. The Sam/Bill/Sookie triangle will get old if it's made too integral to the show overall, so I hope Mr. Alan Ball finds a way to keep his thing with Tara going while making sure she stays as interesting as only she can be. But would giving up on Sookie be too out of character for Sam? I just don't know...

On the killer, I know it makes sense for it to be Michael, but then again, it might not. The killer has to be either he or Hoyt, since it has to be someone Jason mentioned Annie's V habit to. We know Jason didn't kill her, and there's too many variables if it goes outside of who that info was directly told to. Michael did then ask if she has slept with vampires, and it is the killer's M.O. to murder woman for that specific association with vampires. But then would he really kill his own sister? Michael's public persona is tough, but not a womanizer, so that leaves Hoyt. He had no relationship with Michael before the latter came to Bon Temps, so most definitely not with the sister before she was killed. So, I guess it is Michael. But I will leave some doubt as cushion for the fall of complete shock if it isn't Mike, because it would be just like this show to surprise us at the very end.



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Nov 17, 2008 6:14AM EST

I think you missed the last part of the episode! You can see the picture the other cop send to the sheriff, the one with drew, the brother of the death waitress. Check it someone we know!!!

Nov 17, 2008 6:35AM EST

blimey! you sure do have a lot to say! but I agree Tara is an amazing character.

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Nov 17, 2008 8:03AM EST

Nice post. It seems likely that a vampire association is at least part of the killer's rationale. However, Jason is another common thread between the victims. Couldn't he be the primary motivation? It seems that if someone was interested in killing those involved with Vampires, they could more easily do so at Fangtastia (or through an internet chat room or something...). I'm not sure about how Michael would fit into that --I realized that I haven't paid enough attention to his character so far!

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Nov 17, 2008 8:54AM EST

I was thinking the picture looks like Rene! I'll be so sad if its him...he's such a darling character. Was hoping its Hoyt, or even Jason.

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Nov 17, 2008 9:18AM EST

Yeah, sorry. The picture looked like Rene. And, it isn't Annie, it's Amy. Good review, but you should mark it for spoilers, too.

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Nov 17, 2008 12:17PM EST

Wow you wrote alot about Tara!! lol
Well when i saw the person start to take their belt off i thought it was Rene? his body type made me instantly think of him. Then when i saw the picture on the secretary's desk it looked like Rene to me! just with longer hair

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Nov 17, 2008 3:32PM EST

It was Rene.
I think I screamed my head off when I saw the picture, would have never suspected...

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Nov 17, 2008 4:10PM EST

Who didn't think Rene was a little creepy? I've been saying it for episodes and even then I had to show my boyfriend the end of the last episode three times before he realized it was Rene.If you disect everything he says it really makes sense. Like in one of the early episodes when he helped Sookie out and then said she reminded him of his sister.I agree, I think Tara is a fantastic character, and much less annoying then Sookie. When is her selfish streak going to end?

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Nov 17, 2008 6:27PM EST

I'm hoping Rene is not Drew Marshall. I gasped when I saw that picture of Drew Marshall in the Fax machine, I was like NOOOOOOOOO I like Rene, for some reason he seems very charming to me. I am hoping that the killer is Hoyt, I don't like him or his mom, and it'd make sense for it to be Hoyt, with all that control his mother seems to have over him, it'd make sense that he'd lose control and kill people. It's either Rene or Hoyt, Rene has a lot to explain if he is in fact Drew Marshall. Can't wait for next week!

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