Oh Wow. But whats really there after the shock's gone? (VD: Fool Me Once)

First of all, I'd been waiting as we all were to watch this upon first airing on television at 8pm, but THERE WAS NETWORK TECHNICAL ERRORS! It was terrible! I was- WOULD HAVE BEEN watching from the NE coast, but there was nothing but black screen and a logo image until about a half hour in, when they decide to air 20 minutes of a friggin' Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode. I would have cried from sadness if I weren't doubled over with tears of laughter in my eyes at how ridiculous that was. And then get this, they finish the last ten minutes of the "Fool Me Once" episode at its intended time like nothing the hell happened.... Soooooo, I guess nothing happened. Period.

So okay. There were revelations. Anna, for all her villainy, is a forgivably sympathetic character because all she wanted was her mom. If you factor in her building frustration and the dizzying impatience she'd felt for the last century and a half, coupled with her natural vampiric disregard for innocent life, you get a victim of circumstance...i guess.

We find out for all Damon's passion, scheming, and killing for the sake of his tomb-shaped 3D puzzle, it turns out he hadn't really won the heart of one very love-incapable and AWOL Katherine. This whole time, she'd been off getting her pussy spit-shined where of which could of very well have been all over the world!

I'd say it's a fitting punishment for Damon, that heartbreak, as well as a good twist, but I still would prefer his imprisonment or complete devastation. It isn't being written well enough, the fall out and repellent opinions of the people close to Damon who know of his heartless and often impulsive killing of others. I find Stefan to be weak and infuriating, that he would let this go on. I don't care if he is your brother, serial killers don't qualify for human and family bonds. He's threatened and attempted the killing of Elena how many times?- and she... GIVES HIM A HUG AND SAYS SHE'S SORRY? Like's he's some wronged love-sick scoundrel. I'm sorry, he's just not cute. Not even with that adorable smirk he's trademarked...

And POOR Bonnie. I loved Jasmine Guy as Grams, and I was already ready for her to die when she insisted she would be fine towards the end of the ep. At least it was a quiet painless death, a rarity in Mystic Falls. And the way Bonnie (bit of brilliant acting from Katerina) cried out for Elena in that shrill and breathless scream... Anyone who's found a dead loved one, as I have, has made that sound and truly understands. It was heartbreaking. Who'll be her teacher now? And what trouble will she get into now, with this new-found heirloom grimoire?

We're to expect her cousin to drop in when the show returns, presumably to fill in Bonnie's void for family at her grandmother's funeral and from then on. I'm sure it'll already annoy me enough to find out they've cast some light-eyed, long straight-haired mixed black girl to fill the role of the witchy Bennett family seductress, but I really need her to be a source of sincere support for Bonnie. She couldn't take much more loss and pain. Being perpetually boyfriend-less on a show aimed at adolescence is torturous enough.


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Feb 12, 2010 1:32PM EST

lol.. i agree

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