I need to be the one that says this so I'm doing something more productive with my hands then tearing my own hair out. THE ONLY THING KEEPING HEROES AFLOAT AT THIS POINT IS A TIDE OF FESTERING NOSTALGIA!! Let's forget about the unattainable quality of season 1 people! Heroes has set a new standard in low ratings for itself: in comparison to other shows, it's still got the grip of America's apparently very limited viewership. When are you going to tune into shows that are ignored or even outright debased because the high production values and charismatic cast of Heroes has rotted the brains and ruined the tastes of the would-be intelligent people of this country. We are just letting them get away with this ploy to have us buy their half-assed entertainment.

Heroes has since killed off or let fade it's more interesting past characters, story lines, and puzzling details; and for what? An all-powerful but moronic Peter, a uselessly suicidal Claire, irrational causes and effects, and more suspense then they can deliver the goods for.

Let's give the shows with promise and teams of revolutionary and innovative people a chance. Try tuning into shows like DOLLHOUSE (Joss Whedon!!), CHUCK, TORCHWOOD, SKINS, and even BEING ERICA. My poor Pushing Daisies has already suffered the stereotypical demise of a program so acclaimed and fantastic, but in the end, couldn't win a fair fight against the cheating Heroes and the like.

I beseech the masses to kick the Heroes addictions and live and watch healthy. IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU. NBC and it's reps are trying to say hold on for Heroes, it'll get better. The show has even now reset itself in a new "Fugitives" volume, but still follows their recipe of random plot bullshit. Those holding a flame for Heroes: put them to the wind. Heroes will never find it's way back. It already died out there, in the wilderness...



Default avatar cat
Feb 27, 2009 7:45AM EST

harsh! but unfortunately truei found myself no longer watching the show, not as a conscious decision, but because when the episodes were released weekly, i no longer felt compelled to click the link. I have fond memories of season one, but sadly find myself, when boredom draws me to explore the latest episode, lost in a convoluted plot that is ultimately repetitive and, despite its melodrama, quite dull.

Default avatar cat
Feb 27, 2009 12:34PM EST

The sad part is that i LOVE Heroes, or better yet what it use to be, and even I have to agree with you. I keep tuning in in hopes that it'll get back on track and so far i just keep getting disappointed. Peter lost all his abilities, Claire annoys me, Nathan always makes the wrong choices, Hiro lost his ability, Parker suddenly has two abilities... its all a wreck.
I know i'm going to finish watching this season, but i highly doubt i'll be tuning in next season if they dont have some kind of magnificent season finale.

Mar 1, 2009 9:07PM EST

Agree with you all wholeheartedly, I also heard a rumour that this season is to be the last and, unfortunately, I'm not surprised.

Default avatar cat
Mar 1, 2009 10:23PM EST

Heroes is got old just like Prison Break great first and second season and then down the drain.
I must encourage anyone who reads this to watch Chuck, it's an awesome show that has a little bit of everything. Humor and action and romance.
And even Gossip Girl that its a least a bit original and has stayed true to it's scandalous plot and characters. And its still very entertaining.

Default avatar cat
Mar 2, 2009 7:45PM EST

Everyone talkin crap about Heroes. Watch it or don't watch it but don't try and make it popular to hate it. No matter what they do to try and get people interested in the show, there's gonna be a group of people that go on and on about how they were big fans until "this and that" and then the story moved forward and they didn't like it. boohoo.
All Sci fi shows are being canceled one after another and you guys/ gals seem to want to get rid of a show because it's not realistic enough for you now or the characters powers evolved or devolved in different ways than you wanted....get over it.
You honestly think that by canceling one of the half decent sci fi shows you're gonna change the quality of television? Next time they air a show it's going to be low quality B movie style so they don't lose any money because of ungrateful fans/ ex-fans.
You think the writers are bad?? They changed things up from their original plans to pander to whiney fan boys that didn't like alot of the first series...and they are still pandering and it's getting them no where with any of you.

In closing: Gossip girl is boring, Chuck is great, Stargate is canceled, BSG is over, Doctor Who is on hiatus because david tennant wants to be a big fish in a small pond stage actor, Reaper is just coming back but probably won't go much farther, smallville is slow, supernatural is good but goes on a break every other week and can't stop doing fillers, Moonlight got canceled, True blood got retarded near the end of the season. Life on Mars UK ended perfectly and the one in the US probably won't last long enough to end, Eli stone was great but canceled, Pushing daisies was kinda boring to me but i put up with it, Legend of the Seeker if all filler and no substance, Dexter lost it's edge, My own worst enemy canceled because people lack patience(like most series now).

Default avatar cat
Mar 3, 2009 2:05AM EST

My comment?Reread roboticeye's comment, couldnt say it any better.

Mar 7, 2009 9:46AM EST

uhm fuck those who hates heroes.....the hell is wrong with you....they are making the story interesting....the fuck are you saying....many people are getting stupid.....cancelling prison break, then chuck? moonlight? bionic woman? kyle xy? the fuck is wrong with you people?????? ha????? fucking stupid....what's next in your stupidity ha?????? supernatural, ghost whisperer, lost, csi ny, csi miami? the fuck is wrong with you people.....saying crap like this is only making it worse.....what kind of fan are you? you fucked up shit! you stupid shit!

Mar 7, 2009 9:47AM EST

fuck you iclabon

Default avatar cat
Mar 10, 2009 2:34AM EDT

Iortar, this isn't personal. you really like heroes. myself and some of the posters above think heroes has become unwatchable.i agree, and think that the quality of some shows like heroes, kyle xy, smallville is much to low to let people look at. i think that lowering my standards for television writing is NOT ok. as everyone else has said, heroes was great in the first season, but now it seems the writers are just getting lazy and letting the same characters act the same way over and over ad nauseum.no show is perfect, but there is a line.

Default avatar cat
Mar 10, 2009 11:58AM EDT

dont care much if people are taken in by this decidedly pooey show...as long as they watch and save Chuck from potential cancellation.

Default avatar cat
Jun 9, 2009 12:18AM EDT

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick and bored with people who come on this site to talk about how much they hate this show or the next show and why the writers suck and why they hate the plot and the characters and the blah blah blah

LOOK EITHER WATCH THE SHOW OR NOT! what is your reasoning behind coming on sidereel and talking shit? To convince other people to stop watching it too? If so you're a nincompoop because the only thing you succeed in is offending people who do watch these shows you rag on by suggesting that we're idiots with bad taste in entertainment choices. You also pissing off people like me (and apparently roboticeye and lortar to name a few) who are sick of every good scifi show (or really any show that isn't pandering to people with an IQ of 20 ie Gossipgag) being canceled.
Pull your heads out of you self-important arses...NO ONE HERE CARES IF YOU LIKE HEROES!

p.s. good SCIFI is not about being realistic...even Star-trek began as a funny/unrealistic/jargon based show that made no since after one peeled away the barely there scientific explanations...It's called entertainment for a reason. You want realism go to SCI-FI channel or read non-fiction
p.p.swhen was Heroes ever supposed to be realistic? It began like a comic book and what good comic book didn't throw in a few wrenches every so often to keep the story alive?
PLEASE STOP COMING ON SIDEREEL TVSHOW PAGES TO RAG ON SHOWS! It's really lame...lamer than the CW's line up
also FRINGE and DOLL HOUSE (even in all of its sick patriarchy and misogyny) are REALLY GREAT SHOWS

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