'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Robert Kirkman reveals whether Negan will appear

With the Governor dead, "The Walking Dead" is ready for a new villain. Many fans of the comic book have looked to Negan as the next Big Bad on the show, with some speculating he could be introduced in the second half of Season 4. First, some context for the uninitiated: Negan is the primary antagonist in "The Walking Dead" comics after the death of the Governor. He is the leader of a ruthless group called The Saviors whose base is an area known as The Sanctuary. Those of you paying attention to the radio signal coming through when Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob Stookey were driving in episode 3 might remember that it was calling people to join The Sanctuary. Known for his love of his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire -- which he calls Lucille -- and his love of expletives, Negan is introduced in the comics more than 50 issues after...



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