Is it true?! Is Marshall totally into Mary

I think we've been subjected to so many tv partnerships that have had on-the-fence-chemistry (Bones, Castle, Law and Order: SVU) we are used to waiting for any real romance to happen just as the show is about to be cancelled.

But finally! An admittance of actual affection. Pinch me! Truth be told, I don't really love Mary with Marshall. However, the guy is too cute not to have some sort of love story arc thrown his way.



Default avatar cat
Mar 28, 2010 9:04PM EDT

With season 3 about to begin, I figured I'd circle back on this. I really like Mary with Rafe, and I love Marshall just being the guy who "gets" her. I wouldn't be opposed to them getting together, but it is cute how they can maintain a caring friend dynamic.
That said, I would love for him to get a little romance! This season they seem to have a lot of pretty popular guest stars, so perhaps one of them will spark something with Marshall!?

Default avatar cat
Mar 31, 2010 8:01PM EDT

i hate on the fence romances, but the reason theyre on the fence romances is because in the end you really do want the couple together. Booth and Bones, Beckett and Castle, and now Mary and Marshall. i hope they dont just drop the story throughout the season and they go on with it.

Default avatar cat
Apr 4, 2010 9:12PM EDT

Haha, it's the sexual tension that's getting ya! You're right though, it's definitely because somewhere inside you want Mary and Marshall together. Though, I can already imagine myself then being tense that they'll mess it up and ruin what they have so far!

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