'White Collar' fall finale, 'No Good Deed': Peter's moral compromise might be the last straw

"White Collar" ended its fall run Thursday (Dec. 19) with "No Good Deed," which saw Agent Burke recover one of the Welsh gold coins that Neal stole for Curtis Hagan. It set off an interesting chain reaction of events. The gold coin came from Andrew Dawson, the U.S. Attorney who dropped the charges against Peter for killing Pratt. He was bribed with the Welsh gold and had to fence it through Decker, a flower shop owner who uses his shop as a front to run guns and other stolen goods. The agents trace the coin back to Decker, who only just evades capture because Mozzie tips him off -- Decker can identify Neal as the gold thief.But Burke is highly suspicious of Neal having been the thief (he has been since Neal was alone in the firehouse after the robbery) and pretends they got Decker, which forces a confession out of Neal. Peter is put...



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