'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland': Cyrus and Alice's Reunion Was Anticlimactic- How ABC Should Have Done It

For eight weeks, we have been anxiously waiting for Cyrus and Alice's bittersweet homecoming. I'm sure Cyrus, who has been imprisoned in a hovering cage and the determined Alice feel the same way. The writers of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland have done a masterful job keeping us in suspense. Cyrus almost lost his magical wishbone when he was discovered carving it into a weapon and Alice almost didn't pass that morality test in the dark and dusty canyons in which The Red Queen pushed her. Luckily, this power couple is driven by true love and the last thing they want is to never see each other again. Cyrus escapes and Alice finds her way back to their old headquarters. And yes, they do reunite, but it was more of a letdown than celebration.   Read More...



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