Oh Poor Wilson's Heart!

Oh no! Amber is dead. Just as I was really liking her. I kept waiting at the end for House to wake up and scream out some random life saving manuevar like giving her Cholera to save her. But alas no. Amber passed. The ending moments were really really great. The whole white heaven bus moment between House and Amber really showcased the frailty of the two hardass characters.

Big Question: Will Wilson ever forgive House for putting Amber on that bus?

I liked the little moments of each character. Especially the one where the original 3 sat down together. However, it really sucked to see the doctor "13" find out she DID have Huntingtons.

I have no idea what the next season will be like. Any predictions?


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May 20, 2008 4:02PM EDT

Wow, giving her Cholera to save her life.. that would be quite an interesting diagnosis... But it was seriously a sad episode, I had a huge lump in my throat and I cried. I was hoping that Wilson would at least come up to House and be glad that he was alive but no... guess not. Hopefully their friendship will last, House can't be abandoned by everybody.
I loved how House didn't want to go back to being "in pain and miserable" that was incredibly touching yet believably revealing on his part. Because of how he acts sometimes you think that he doesn't mind being alone but that was a moment when you realized just how lonely he is as a character. It makes you think about life... depressing... CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!

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