Episode Recap: "About Last Night"

"Camptown Races", doo-dah doo-dah. That's the tune that pervades Dexter. Miguel hums it as do both Dexter and Harry at different points. Besides whistling a happy tune, there are detours and Miguel shows up with a mind of his own. Dexter gets to the bottom of several problems and ends up no worse for the wear.

Speaking of clothes, Dexter got dressed in his "pants, shirt and pretense," to head out for a new day where he learns that Miguel feels "real" and is lying to Dexter. Meanwhile, Anton is missing and has been taken by the Skinner. Dexter assures Debra not to worry as Anton is a big guy and has lots of skin. "That's meant to be comforting."

I am highly disappointed that the tree trimmer guy is the Skinner. George King is just some random character we've hardly seen even though he is central to the plot. I would have preferred it to be Quinn, although he really showed up for Debra and I have a new found respect for him.

I know many of you knew ahead of time that Ellen would miss that motion hearing. But I wasn't sure. I don't like buying the dress before I head to the fitting room. Miguel is full of a hyperactive exhilaration from one killing to the next, and he's ready for a third. And Harry is on Dexter's back about it.

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