'The Fosters': Rosie O'Donnell's arrival and more spoilers from the midseason premiere

When "The Fosters" returns to ABC Family on Jan. 13, not much time will have passed since the lovely midseason finale wedding between Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum). Callie (Maia Mitchell) ran away after kissing Brandon (David Lambert), but when we return to the Foster household the morning after the ceremony, no one really knows that she's gone. When will they find out about Callie's departure? Find out below, along with a few more spoilers from the first two episodes that will hopefully tide you over until the show returns: 1. Stef and Lena have a pretty crappy honeymoon. Once they realize that Callie has bolted, they're forced to switch from happy, blissful mode to parent in a crisis mode while they track down their foster daughter, who's gone on a road trip with Wyatt and his excellent hair. 2. Callie winds up back in the system. Why she decides to get herself...



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