Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Pukana” – Chin Gets Danger for Christmas

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Pukana,” Chin is kidnapped by a truly depraved serial killer, while Danny helps another father find a reconnection to his lost little girl.

After all of the feels from last week’s episode, it was almost nice to think that this one would be a lot of action since it centered around a serial killer. But I should’ve known that Hawaii Five-0 would never give us a holiday episode without tugging on our heart strings a little bit.

The team finds the body of a burglar in a car and it leads them to a serial killer. Poor draws the short straw and ends up knocking on the wrong door. When a totally normal-looking guy opens it, Chin has no clue he’s about to be tied up and thrown into a basement. Things get even worse when the guy’s girlfriend shows up and she ends up down there, too.




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