Parenthood Season 5 “Promises” Review

Happy New Year, Parenthood fans! The Braverman family is back!

It might be a new year, but some of our favorite characters are plagued by the same ol’ drama. Communication, or lack thereof, continues to create problems for the Bravermans. To the episode highlights!

- When Hank and Sarah broke up so that he could move closer to his daughter, I was a little relieved because the pairing wasn’t among my favorites on the show. Imagine my confusion when it was announced that Ray Romano was returning for the fifth season of Parenthood. Much to my delight, Hank’s return has had very little to do with Sarah and has been all about his growing friendship wish Max. This is one of the few situations where troubled communications might end up benefiting a character. Hank found himself in over his head and pretty winded after witnessing Max’s Asperger’s-related response to Hank changing their plans unexpectedly. I was glad to see that Adam gave Hank a book to help him respond to Max, instead of demanding that the two stop spending time together.



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