Grimm Season 3 Review “Red Menace”

After a short break, Grimm returned this week with an old world/new world mash-up. A Russian family arrived in Portland ostensibly to help heal the sick, but the Grimm gang quickly learned that where the Wesen giveth, it can also taketh away.

The Wesen of the week was Boris Myshkin, a Koschie Wesen, who had the power to kill and heal. Myshkin was targeted by a family with a grudge and ended up killing a would-be assassin. Of course, the death wasn’t slow and painless, because what would be the fun in that? In true Grimm fashion, the victim succumbed to horrendous radiation poisoning that caused his body to erupt into disgusting pustules and boils. The worst part – before becoming a lumpy, bumpy mess, the guy was able to pull his own teeth out. I don’t know why, but I’d rather watch limbs be severed than someone pulling out their teeth.



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