Atlantis (BBC America) Review “The Rules of Engagement”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but “The Rules of Engagement” was a fun, entertaining hour of television– and not just by Atlantis standards. It was genuinely good. The writers addressed the rushed courtship of Ariadne and Jason in a believable manner, the court intrigue suddenly felt real and urgent, Ariadne was positioned as a major player in her own right and the fight scenes…I’m not sure I can talk about them without gushing.

It turns out Heptarian isn’t a pampered royal; he’s a brutal fighter. With the announcement of his betrothal to Ariadne, a Pankration was in order to ensure Poseidon was on board with their union. A Pankration is basically a no-holds barred fight that ends when one man draws blood. Once Jason finds out that if he can beat Heptarian, he can stop the wedding, he of course decides to enter the ring. He’s spurred to action by Ariadne seemingly giving up hope. After Jason sends a note via Medusa and Ariadne’s handmaiden, the two meet in the temple to discuss their affection for one another. How refreshing was it to actually hear our lovebirds remark on the fact that there is no real reason for their connection, but that it exists all the same as a pull they can’t deny? Love at first may not be my favorite trope, but in that moment, I bought that these two people who are in situations beyond their control could fall in love, at least with the idea of one another, without actually having more than a couple of brief conversations.



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