The Good Wife Season 5 Review “Goliath and David”

When we last left our heroes in Chicago, The Good Wife was churning out maybe the best season of network drama since the first season of Lost. The show ripped through episodes and plot like it was no tomorrow, and the results were staggering to those of us who had become accustomed to seeing television’s best work reside outside of the five networks. (That’s right, CW, I counted you too!) The show had its usual level of measured precision, but coupled it with a sudden willingness to let things get a little messy. They will be hard pressed to match the level of quality in the back half of the season, but whatever comes from January to May should in no way diminish the high quality of work done from September to December. Those 10 episodes should be set aside as an example of what network television has the capability to do in 2013.



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