Almost Human Season 1 Review “Simon Says”

Almost Human aired it’s first episode of 2014 with tonight’s “Simon Says”, as we get to find out what Dorian is like when he’s not in tip-top shape. We also had a somewhat derivative storyline about a dude forcing people to do stuff for the approval of crazy internet commenters, but that wasn’t quite as interesting to me as the Dorian stuff.

One of my biggest complaints about Dorian as a character in the first few episodes is that he’s a littletoo perfect. He can do just about everything, survive injuries that would kill a normal man, and he has a cool and collected demeanor at all times. So it was very refreshing, and quite funny at times, to see Dorian so out of sync. We’ve seen a few glimpses of Dorian’s “humanity” in past episodes, but we certainly haven’t seen anything like what we saw tonight.



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