'Sherlock': Martin Freeman almost blew audition, Sherlock is 'rusty' and more

"Sherlock" Season 3 returns its title character to active duty and gives him a new enemy to face. But why is Sherlock Holmes "rusty," according to Benedict Cumberbatch? How did Martin Freeman almost lose the part of Dr. John Watson? Who is the new bad guy, Charles Augustus Magnussen?The answers are here. Watch out for "Sherlock" spoilers ahead!Martin Freeman almost missed playing WatsonFreeman was having a bad day when he first auditioned for the role of John Watson on "Sherlock." But at least the actor had a good reason -- he had had his wallet stolen earlier that same day. "I'll admit maybe I was a bit stressed," Freeman told Radio Times in an interview. "A week later, my agent rang and said, 'List, this 'Sherlock' thing, they're sort of under the impression you weren't that into it.' And I said, 'Oh ... I am really interested. Please call them and let them know...



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