The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Too Many Ding-a-Lings

I’m all over the place this season — the cast members I usually love are acting like lunatics, and the ones I tend to make fun of are making me cry tears of unbridled sympathy!


NeNe was wrong to go after Cynthia about Noelle having a boyfriend. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everyone was having a great breakfast, talking about old pastimes like Skype sex, tattooed vaginas, post-miscarriage piercings, and the Million Homophobic Moms who don’t want their kids to watch Glee, when Cynthia innocently mentioned that she likes being the kind of parent who takes a journey with her child, particularly through the recent revelation that Noelle has a boyfriend. NeNe is more vitriolic about someone else’s child having an age-appropriate boyfriend than she was about her own failed marriage, and didn’t miss a chance to tell the world that the young, fast girls are the root of all social problems! Teenage girls with boyfriends cause spontaneous pregnancies, cancer, and the housing crisis, and teenage girls definitely killed Nelson Mandela.  Read More...


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