The Walking Dead Season 4B Scoop: Another Shocking Character Death to Rock the Finale

If you're still reeling from the midseason finale, prepare yourself for an even more unexpected death around the corner. New rumors suggest that yet another main character will become zombie chow by the season 4 finale. The Walking Dead's midseason finale featured the deaths of a few key characters, but the season 4 bloodshed is far from over! According to, yet another main cast member will meet their maker by the end of the fourth season, which resumes with new episodes on February 9th. Of course, this news is hardly surprising to diehard fans of AMC's zombie drama, but THIS particular rumor claims that the doomed character is somoene who has NOT yet died in the graphic novels, which narrows down the list considerably. Who do YOU think will join the season 4 body count? Let us know your theories in the comments, and stick with us for more TV scoop from Celebified.


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