'Community' recap: In 'Repilot' and 'Introduction to Teaching' everything changes and stays the same

"Community" Season 5 was never supposed to happen. Shows with low ratings, no awards and a lack of obvious network love don't just get to come back. They definitely don't come back down one star and with a fired-then-rehired showrunner.Somehow, however, that's exactly what happened. "Community" has returned for 2014 and begins with back-to-back episodes: "Repilot" and "Introduction to Teaching."The setupFirst thing you need to know: Some time has passed since the end of Season 4. Jeff has gone off to resume practicing law -- only now he's a "good" lawyer, vanquishing monster robots and such -- while the rest of the study group somehow managed to graduate from Greendale. They're all off working, leaving the study room to serve as an asbestos-laden file room.It's too bad that nothing much is working out for Greendale and its alumni.Jeff is going bankrupt and the school is about to be sued by Alan, Jeff's old nemesis,...



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