Episode Recap: "Earl and Joy's Anniversary"

This week's My Name Is Earl featured a terrific guest spot by Jason Priestley as Earl's cousin Blake. During this flashback episode dealing with Earl and Joy's first anniversary, we also got to see Earl (Jason Lee) do something good before he was known for doing good things. Or maybe he's always been good and just didn't know it. Either way, we won out as this installment packed in the laughs.

After arriving at the Crab Shack to fix damage he had done to the bar long ago, Earl begins remembering the events that were occurring in his life around the time the damage was done. It was 1999 and he, Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) were all living together as Earl and Joy's first anniversary approached. After she became angry when Earl acted flippantly regarding Randy eating their saved piece of wedding cake (and replacing it with "cat turds"), Randy tried to fix things for everyone. A fake suicide note led the couple to the Crab Shack where Randy set up a surprise party and claimed Earl had set it up. For a moment, it seemed all would be well.

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