This particular episode of FNL is one of the most poignant since the series first aired in 2006. One of the best TV scenes I have ever witnessed comes about in this Second episode when Coach Taylor has to admit that he let the Lions team down when he 'called' the previous game at half time. Initially not realising the massive damage to the team psyche, Taylor later comes to terms with the fact that he acted in 'Shame' and not the team (who were getting slaughtered in the first half). By not letting them FINISH what they had started in that match, Coach Taylor had inadvertently taken away what little pride they had left, because, despite their shortcomings as a team, they were giving it their best shot... As a result the team (including Landry who is always noted for this loyalty to a cause) no longer wish to play for Taylor and East Dillon.

How does Taylor try to convince the team to continue playing for the Lions under his stewardship??? He 'invites' the players to a Special Practice Session (Via Vince the new Running Back as his go between) to 'Finish the Fight' .... By lighting up a Fire in a drum on the Football Pitch, Taylor first burns his video recordings of the game and tells the team that the 'past' is now GONE and then invites them to 'FINISH IT' also, by burning their Football Jerseys one by one .... man by man .... During this wonderful scene of redemption the atmospherics of the music are both haunting & endearing at the same time; adding emotion to a scene that shows Kyle Chandler to be one of the most enduring and versatile actors of our time. His reaction to the players' FINISHING THE FIGHT is footage to behold.

This review does not include other parts of episode is not intended to .... this 'FINISHING THE FIGHT' scene is just simply a piece of film that any FNL fan MUST see .....


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