New Girl 3.11 “Clavado En Un Bar” Review: Job Juggling

Maybe it’s the fact that I really needed something to shake off my post-Christmas blues. Maybe it’s because we haven’t gotten a new New Girl episode in over a month. Maybe it’s the fact that the series really focused in and gave enough time to each character, providing individually satisfying moments for all five main players. No matter what the reason is, last night’s episode of New Girl, “Clavado En Un Bar” (which is the song played by Kevin-97 near the end of the episode and literally translates to “Stuck in a bar”) worked on pretty much every level for me.

While I may not have been laughing hysterically every single minute (something I find myself doing during most New Girl episodes), “Clavado En Un Bar” made up for its limited laughs with strong character work. The main instigator of this character introspection was Jess and her dilemma over whether to leave her teaching job (which had become a little insane due to the school’s administration) and take a new, higher-paying job at a museum. Thankfully, even though the episode’s initial focus was simply on Jess, New Girlfound time to allow everyone moments to shine, specifically Winston, Cece, and Nick.



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