Ravenswood Season 1 Review “Revival”

Poor old Caleb barely had time to clear his tear-stained eyes from the preceding episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” before it was right back into the breach in the crazy town that is “Ravenswood,” for a “Revival” of insanity and ghostly romantic longings and killer scarecrows and ice-cream loving creepy little girls and what have you. Hey, who needs Hanna when you got a little ghost hottie on the side? (I kid, I kid. Save your comments, Ha-leb fans.)

Anyway, can I say how much I appreciated all that recap at the beginning of the episode? Because I don’t think I got the gist of half of that before, but now it all makes sense to me when it’s all laid out like that. So, what we’re basically looking at is a combination of something like “Final Destination” and “The Lottery” (that’s the old-school version of “The Hunger Games,” for you kids out there, or maybe“Battle Royale”- I forget), right? Gotcha. Thanks for clearing all that up.




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