Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Who’s in the Box?”

True to the title, the mid-season “Pretty Little Liars” premiere was mostly about figuring out “Who’s in the Box?” and what the what was going on with all that went down on the Halloween episode. So, naturally, the girls had lots of questions, and all too few answers. If Ali was alive, who was buried in her place? How was she (the victim) confused with Ali, DNA-wise? Is there a twin involved? Was it someone missing from the immediate area? Were there others with unanswered questions elsewhere? So many questions.

No real answers, but I was impressed by how savvy the show was this time around. With Ezra out of the closet of “A” suspects, it gives his character a creepier underbelly than there was before we had this information. The showdown with Mona was some impressive joust-and-parry from two expert liars well matched. You could cut the underlying meanings between every word they said with a knife, their conversation was so loaded. I liked Mona’s astute observation that his reading list said a lot about him, and the way he turned it on her when she started making overt suggestions- not to mention that look he gave her as she walked away. Creep-city.



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