Justified Season 5 Review “A Murder of Crowes”

I am so happy that Justified is back. People who haven’t watched the show may not know how funny and well written it is. You don’t need to watch all the previous seasons, though I would recommend them just because they’re great, to jump on board now. All you need to know is: (1) Boyd is a wily former soldier turned wannabe drug kingpin, and he is bad; (2) Raylan is a Deputy US Marshal and childhood friend of Boyd, and he is good with occasional lapses into amorality. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump into the season 5 premiere.

Last season, Dewey Crowe lost his last couple of marbles when he thought that he was a victim of an organ theft and he got roughed up by Raylan. He gets satisfaction at the beginning of the episode after taking Raylan to court. The government offers him $20,000, his attorney refuses, so the government counters with more money. Dewey hears “$300” and indignantly declares that this will not be enough to compensate him for his suffering. Then the judge clarifies that it’s $300,000 and Dewey’s expression is priceless.




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